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The firm

Viuda de Arturo Gomez Tejedor, S.L. (Productos Salsafran) is a company founded in 1943 and, since then, it has been dedicated to the preparation, manufacture, and packaging of saffron, food colorants, condiments, seasonings, spices, infusions, and sweeteners, keeping always the highest degree of quality in all of our products, under the brand name "Salsafran".

At the beginning of 1998, the company facilities moved to the industrial area in Novelda (Alicante, Spain), with a warehouse space of about 780 square meters, which enables us to perform loading and unloading operations of merchandise in a highly effective manner.

It counts with machinery for the packing of glass and plastic jars, with a current monthly production of 1.152.000 jars in different formats.

We also pack our products in thermally sealed envelopes, hermetically closed, as well as in traditional pocket-sized envelopes for condiments; our technology allows us to generate an output of over 6.000.000 thermally sealed small condiment envelopes per month. Besides this, our condiments are meticulously wrapped in traditional folding paper envelopes, with a current monthly production of 1,440,000 units. We also have machinery for packagingpaprika cans, polypropylene spice bags, etc


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